Sunday, 1 January 2017

Let This Year Embrace You Well :)

It's called Happy for a reason you see it is a Happy New Year, and it should be in all sense of being with all positive aspects as a spiritual suit to wear.
With all positive ways that makes your heart of inner soul gleam, positive aspects that will help you by all good means.
So let this year embrace you well, and only accept greeting from individuals that from heart for you they mean well.
The truthful words from heart, that you can feel when from them their words depart.
Words that will help build you up instead,and give you a freeness of conscious head.
Let this year produce meaningful passages, let this year bring divine Fatherly gifts and packages.
Let this new year smile in your being from the eyes of the universe that always see.
Let newness of truthful birthing passages open up to every selected meaningful door, let the freshness of peace always reside in your mind body spirit soul and heart home and meaningful inviting doors. :)

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