Wednesday, 25 January 2017

No Meaningless Veils.

Do individuals ever notice how devious evil veils can flow in, just to cover the eyes of the unconscious from the head of their minds to the feet of their hems?

The meaningless ways that don't help you, only the selfish false ways from individuals that are never for you.

The promises and more promises that they try to give, and the sense of fear that they try to put on you to stop and control your will.

With the heavy confusion burdens that on your back and shoulder they try to strap on, instead of giving a true heart of hand that you can strongly hold on.

I want everyone to wake up today and consciously see that what had happened has happened and what is past is in the past, so look for new days that is coming all yours with the finest of class.

Leave the bad memories, the sad stories the bad experiences of the broken heartedness you had, the days that are coming you should never be sad.

Your heart is not broken your mind is all truthfully made up, and for the ignorant devious false voices rebuke them and tell them to shut up.

No more sad stories or memories because you are stronger more conscious, focus and you are so aware.

And you don't have any burdens on your back you are on your true passage of ways.

So I say that it's onward forward and up to never look or go back, you are on the Only and True unmovable train with strength, achievement success guidance provisions growth and awareness on a golden strong track, that will never erode break or get loose to go slack.

You will never look back because your feet of wheels is truthfully grounded on a golden railway, with a truthful banner that says ‘‘ My Beloved I Will Truthfully Continue To Guide Your Way.’’

So continue to do what is right and don't touch the wrong, your wings, was placed on you for a reason as you are destined to fly up and not down.

You are destined and you have a purpose and your will is already set, that is why only good things you will continue to get.

So freely you will go and truthfully you will soar as you walk through those golden way doors.

To meaningful passages and never false hindrance directed by false devious voices.

Your eyes are opened and you will always see what is before thee, more productive days and achievement wares and golden booths of strength on your feet, you are victorious and you will continue to sit on your Winner's seat :)  

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