Saturday, 28 January 2017

SEX? - Not All About Sex!

Yes! Relationships do happen but you know what? It should not be all about sex.

‘‘ Sex Is Dormitory ’’~Marcelle Hinkson

It should be about finding someone genuine someone that shows a true love of interest to you, someone that you connects to the way they connect to you.

A good solid relationship between two individuals that have a genuineness of truths that they bare.

Sex is so overrated and it's all out there, and some individuals used it like a toy in some playground and it doesn't have any interest in love and a true care.

Sex is being merchandised just like materialistic wares and broadcast in your face by some individuals that for themselves and others show no respect or care.

Sex should never be what gets a relationship started, it should be about a genuine true heart and it's essence that the individual carries.

In wayward ways of this world it's trying to push sex as the thing, to make fast cash and out there you find some women the men are pimping.

But it's not the right way, as it carries unhealthy and dangerous ways.

And true love isn't about having sex daily day in and day out, and it's not about knocking your body all about.

Being in a relationship with your special true one should be about commitment, trust, love, honestly, care and a genuine heart that shows compassion with care.

Yes! You will show passion and you will commit with a special bond, sex is not made to have it with this man the other some stranger or that one.

And when the time comes you will know that it's not about the sex but about the connection that you have, the genuineness of the way, the truthful feelings of care.

This world is portraying a sex that is lustful wild crazy and it's not a sacred act, it's just a lustful way and the true connection of a genuine love it always lacks. 

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