Sunday, 1 January 2017

This New Year Only Truthful Blessings Allowed!

A new year is here and I opened my eyes to see, a beautiful promising rainbow that saluted me :)

My being embraced as I am patient to see the beautiful promises of truthful giftings that is coming to me.
And then I went to my phone and opened some pages of messages and to tell the truth I could not read, as some of them felt wrong as I got an instant feel.
You see! certain elements of words came into full view as my spiritual eyes opened to warn me and I knew that those words were not good for me or reading them was not a wise thing to do.
My inner being just stopped me in full track, so That no negative ways in this New Year can not manifest on my back.
And straight away I was given these precious words, for myself and everyone so That they would be empowered about the minions of devious secret trolls.
Everyone must understand that this is a special year and a new year to just let only positive ways into your life and never negative ways or words.
I am not going to mentioned the words as I did what I was directed to do to get them voided, this is my year and no one is messing with it and I'm fully guarded :)))
As I said I'm not going to mention the words because this new year is for all positive true aspects of ways, true meaningful promises, full growth of expansions, this year is for evolving through the truthfulness of doors.
And now I will proceed with the word :).......
Blessings and curses is to different things, blessings is positive cursing is negative wrong gifts with crocked bows or wings.
Bless someone with good blessings bless them with good words always think positive thoughts and never mention negative ways that you want to put on their road.
Never mix the two to get them intwine, never put in the elements of negative in a sentence of line.
So always bless someone and keep it always positive, and never think of anything negative.
Always bless someone with good emotions and good words, and never use bad elements that will want to manifest as a curse.

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