Monday, 6 February 2017

Alway Keep Pushing Forward To Go On!

Sometimes life may seem like you're pushing a boulder up a steep hill.

But you should never give up, always push with a strong power of will.

Alway push to go on in life for better things and normalcy.

Pushing to find an inner and outer means of peace for thee.

Things in life happen and you should always know how to be taught from any circumstances or situations you have or had.

Basic tools for teaching you about things that will make you always productive, strong and never sad.

Going further to see each day, as it gets brighter you will always look for meaningful things to do that will bring productivity your way.

Pushing and pushing as you try to go on, pushing and pushing in a life of a pathway that you walked on for so long.

With always a stillness of voice of motivation from your heart.

That pushed you to continue the good that you already or is willing to start.

Pushing you to gain a way of destiny's purpose that lay in wait.

As seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days.

Days turn into months and months eventually turn into years.

With sometimes you going through the door of turbulence but never will you fall.

Better days are coming and they are about to make an entry in your life pathway of a hall.

So always keep on pushing because better days are ahead and coming very soon.

Stay strong and standing as they will be here before a day turns to noon.

Keep standing with faith and hope like a helmet is worn on a head.

Better days are coming you will be Okay and well.

I want you to hear and understand what I just said :)

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