Thursday, 9 February 2017

Get Conscious And Used Your Five Senses For A Conscious Way.

I want to tell everyone out there who may find themselves in positions or situations that they never thought would have happened.

Is that, to keep learning from everything and let yourself grow stronger than the person you were before, don't ever stop learning, never stop going after what you know is truly right and never stop going forward with and for your worth.

And despite what devious voices in your head or some individuals may be telling you, that there is no way, always remember that as long as it's a truthful passage and you're walking with a truthful way of heart know that good thing will happen always for you.

Today before writing this article I was reminded about the fictitious avenues of a wayward world that keep bombarding individuals and is only putting them in an unconscious state of being.

It's's trying to shut off their five senses and will power that connect to self-growing decisions., as to keep them in a state like a guinea pig going round on a wheel just going and never doing in an unconscious stuck controlling way.

But this is the reality, real life, real people, real living as real things happened every day.

Individuals in this world need to be fully conscious and aware of what is going on around and among them, that is the only way for them to understand and keep standing on a high stage of acknowledgment.

Everyone do have a winning path to walk and some hardly reach that stage, some are not trying to get there ,they just seemed to give up on themselves because of ignorant false voices and individuals in their heads that try to tell them they can't, no one loves them ,they are not going to make it or telling them to give up.

Just false words to divert some individuals off their true potential paths on passages that they are proceeding to.

Everyone must understand that anytime you have to do something that is truthful and beneficial to help you, you will always hear those voices asking you if you are sure you can do it?  It will fail or it's not going to work.

Why do you think you are hearing those devious voices?

If you were doing something negative and bad you would surely hear the voices prompting you to do more of it wouldn't or don't you?

Being consciously aware you will hear one voice that will always lead you the right way, so don't listen to the many voices that want to stop your way.

Always know that one and true loving voice that soaks your being with care.

Your true heart and soul is the weapon that protects you from errors and bad ways, that is why you should always be conscious to understand what it says and identify its ways.

And with that you must be fully conscious and aware, to know the true source your life.

Some individuals have so entwined in the fictitious ways of the wayward world that their minds are dormant and numb to the truth of real living and life.

As they just proceed to see what the wayward ways of the world are pushing at them as they remain bewildered each day.

In the world, there are so many fictitious ways and there is a need for real empathy of essence to be applied.

Individuals can all go on to their true way of passages if only they would be conscious and use their five senses of being as they watch be directed and listen for truths.

It is only when one has adapted themselves to full consciousness, that no one or nothing wouldn't be able to move them or taint them by a false way.

They will always know consciously, things and ways and individuals for what they really are by the way they try to present themselves.

You will be able to see things and individuals that are trying to divert you from your true winning way.

I don't know when I will be allowed to put everything into words as a way for you to understand, but it is so easy if you are willing to try, that is why you must never hand over your will power to anyone but be always in full control of it.

To some, it may look and feel hard to do and that is if you doubt yourself, don't have faith in yourself and you don't know your true worth.

Yes! You might find individuals to help you with help, and you will get a push to go on further to your winning stage.

But never doubt yourself, take on stress or get frustrated because that is the clue and a come on in, for the voices to invade your mental state.

I am forty-eight I don't look like forty-eight and I don't feel like forty-eight.

When I present my sons to anyone they think that I am their wife, girlfriend or sister, for some places and people I have to show my ID card for them to believe me.

I am not blowing my own horn or anything, I am saying this because I want individuals to know that I don't like stress or take on stressful situations or individuals, I don't worry myself ,I don't hate ,I don't involve myself in anything or anyone that is not positive for my being and growth,I do meaningful and not meaningless and most of all genuinely love.

Somethings that is needed by some, you must always show yourself love and take good care of yourself.

I used my energy where I know for a fact it is needed and I know when it's not to go anywhere that would only allow individuals or situation to feed off me and make me weak.

I know when my energy is being given and I know when it is being taken because I'm spiritually and consciously aware

All that I know and have been taught allowed me to understand the real me my worth and reason for being.

I also see the false way of the world, individuals, and passages that do carry false intimidating etc ways.

As I said in my profile, my gifts are many and I can adapt to all passages of awareness as I dictate where I am going with the elements of information feed that I want to distribute.

Man did not teach me what I know, these teachings are not from man, man is still yet to understand what they mean,some cannot comprehend much of my speech, but in due time they will

I don't take any kind of speech of words or information intellectual feeds from anywhere or a book of any kind.

My knowledge wisdom and understanding's intelligence comes from higher than the stars in a place where mankind is destined after the evolution of the planets.

Every word I bring to you is coming straight from my heart of soul the full alignment where all universal material come from.

Anyone can get messages but it is all about being a true bearer and do what the mechanism of works are called to do.

I do have many gifts of talents as Psychology etc and I was not taught by man, man can not teach me or show me what my universal creator and father can.

All my gifts are all natural gifts that I was sent on this earth with.

A natural knowledge wisdom and understanding as I am consciously awakened to the truth with a universal alignment with a feed to empower all.

I was conscious of truth and I asked for more knowledge and I evolved more was given to me when I was matured spiritually enough to understand it.

I don't have to think what to write, ( and by the way thinking what to write is not right because those thoughts might not be your own the ownership of the writer who writes).

My words just flow freely from my heart and soul what I get information from.

I was always conscious and as I grew I saw more of my conscious side awakening as it evolved and to this day I am still evolving.

’’EVOLVE! That is what mankind needs to do, to be always conscious to know and understand how things work, and a strong faith of hope, love, determination and the truth to know their worth.

Every individual's winning place is already established it's only for them to know and see their true way and walk in it.

Everyday Individuals get directions, with some seeing and knowing, some who don't, or some seeing and don't know.

As some just ignore them because they are so caught up by wayward ways of the world, that is why I always say to turn off the wayward way of voices, noise etc.

Nature has an earth full of direction from the sky to the flowers birds animals trees the earth wind and the ocean, and some individuals will them only if they are conscious to understand.

It is when you are truthfully spiritual grounded and aware that you will see smell hear taste and touch, and you will know what reality is and what fakeness is.

And on this note I urge everyone to seek what is real, mankind needs to know and understanding the reality of the world that they really live in.

The world cloaked by things and ways, and individuals being conscious will truthfully see as they spiritually should.

Everyone has five senses for a reason, just look at the animals all around you how do you think they are surviving?

They can see, smell, hear and feel danger and they flee because they are conscious and aware.

And they can also sense true love, and when they sense it they are the most precious loving things.

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