Friday, 3 February 2017

What Is My Destiny's Purpose? -Some Maybe Asking!

This question is asked by so many as their try to find out, their purpose and their destiny and what they are all about.

You see! Your destiny is one thing and your purpose is another, Destiny is Walking Purpose is Doing"
~Marcelle Hinkson

Your destiny's road that you walk on in your life as a baby, to the ending as an elderly.

Your destiny's purpose is your passion that you have in your heart of soul inside a passion for doing something good and never a  way of feeling to hate.

Really think about it and you will truly see that no one has a passion for hating as it should be something good that you love I hope by now you see.

A passion of way that makes your heart of soul sing, and not a phase of way that you are constantly changing.

It is supposed to be something good you do with hands, and not something bad with devious plans.

‘‘Passions are fulfillments of good acts things that you love to do and not ways that depicts or make others sad’’.
~Marcelle Hinkson

As you walk your life you should know always that they are a positive and a negative to everything, good positive ways to keep yourself up or negative ways that will keep you falling.

It is for you to willingly help others and to always do what is right and good, to be willing to do it and not from a demand that you should.

Everyone in this world is known as mankind that name should represent you well, the man should always be kind to each other instead of trying to give each other hell.

You were all created to be kind and that is how your Creator made you, to use the love your heart and soul is connected to the true love he made for you.

Your heart and soul are connected to him but your will is yours to do.

His true heart of soul carries much love and light, and it's for you to also carry good ways instead of inviting the dark ways to dim your light.

You see! In life, it is what you do and says how you treat individuals you meet on your pathway.

Your breath of life is a precious gift and your life is supposed to go on with never a day to miss, it's all about having a true faith of hope to go on and not a wishing well to wish.

Time goes on each and every day, and each individual walks their own planned destiny of way.

You are birthed you grow up and onto an adult, you walk in a world to find your worth, and you will see individual that genuinely want help as you walk on your path of turf.

But your worth is always with you, as it's how you build your life it's about the meaningful loving things you do or the bad reputation that you want to help build you.

Helping someone lovingly you will be sharing, caring and knowing who love you genuinely with all goodness of truths, it's never to hurt anyone or connect to anyone that want to hurt you or for you to follow the bad things they do.

Everyone on this earthly realm from birth is doing the same thing, you came to this earth as a child then you started creeping and then up on your feet you were an adult on your own and walking.

You grow into an adult after your baby, toddler and teenage years, and you get to educate and continue to educate yourself to find and go on to achieving ways.

And in everyone's life, you will meet others that you may help or that may need your help and the direction that you put them in, will signify what your heart of soul is all about if you want to loose or win.

If you have a loving helpful passion of way or if you will intimidate, hurt use or lead them to go astray.

Your destiny is planned but it's always up to you, if you will remain loving, and stay on the right way or if you will invite bad elements of ways and not be true to you.

As I said before, everyone does have a planned destiny but your distribution to certain situations and circumstances is always up to you, you have a free will power to do what you want to do.

As your choosing should always be wise to know if the passages of ways are positive and good or bad with negative and devious lies.

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