Thursday, 9 March 2017

MEMORIES! -A Choosing Of Choice That Will Help Make Or Break Your Way!

What do you do when you are alone each day? Do you use the bad way to be saddened each and every day? Or do you emerge yourself with good and remember the wonderful memories that you should?

Things that happened in your past help accelerate you to your future, and those that are mostly the harsh experiences of the way that should have made you stronger.

You are not to be sulking on those bad times and make yourself sad and weaker, you know! Good aspects of ways are always the healers.

You should be stronger in a way,  so why would you bring up the past of those ugly days?

Why don't you remember all the sweet memories, the individual's from days and days of your life that input happiness to you with fun, love and the faces with smiles and bright long gleams you hoped would never done?

The happiness of time in the air, the way everyone sweetly played and showed each other the appreciation of true care.

‘‘Good memories always help make a way, bad memories only puts a blockage in each passing day’’.

So do wise choosing and let your life on your pathways keep happily growing  :)

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