Monday, 6 March 2017

Moving On With A New You.

Days, months or years everyone lives through them, and whatever experiences they had they should by now be taught by them.

All aspects of ways that you may have gone through, and if you learn well they will only make you a better you.

There should be no more holding on to the past, teachings from your past has passed.

And now It's time for you to go forward in a good way, to positively live your life each and every passing day.

Don't stress yourself over silly matters or by thinking of an episode in your life that would make you saddened.

Stop worrying and let worry, worry about itself, make yourself happy and take good care of yourself.

Whatever happened has happened and what has passed is in the past so look to a new beginning and make each day last.

Find positive things to do, and enjoy an outing with someone that truly appreciates you.

Don't fret about the lost ones that you had to walk away from, always know that you had to do what had to be done.

Don't bring up the past in the present only if you have to say something good and relevant.

Use the positives of love to guide you to live the truthful way that you should.

Don't let anyone remind you of your past with the bad things that happen, this is not a time for reflection or a time to be emotionally saddened.

Always explore positive ways as you walk into a new day and anyone that hurt you from your past that you meet just to say hi hope that they are well and be on your way.

Don't waste time being angry, grudgeful or stir up strife, this is a new page in your book that you have turned and it's time to go on with your life.

Forgive them released them and send them love and move on to a new page, have no more conclusions of thinking of the past to waste your days.

You should have no bondage or blockage of the past, no hatred in heart no grudge or anger to hold in your heart.

Yes! Pain does take the time to heal and hearts need to have forgiveness, always remember that pain produces strength and never weakness.

So what you have been taught you should by now know what is right from wrong, and with the hope of days to come you will truthfully and peacefully go on. 

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