Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Mandate To Be Awake

A mandate to be awake to see the truth of it all.

The necessity of awareness as one gets awaken to life's conscious destiny's call.

To open the inner eyes as to see the truths and be wise.

Yes! The truth from the lies that makes mankind for each other despised.

Eyes that will open to see the evolution of true ways individuals in a world evolving from weaker to greater.

A consciousness with wise power.

It's the new evolution of spiritual wear.

That open the inner eyes to show a true way.

To awaken to do one's will of destiny.
That was placed on us from Father God in the Highest of the heavenly a true connection aligned.

That allows him to show and connect all the time.

Always moving in his way.

That carry much Love of a Father's care.

An inner view old leaving as you see new.

New light; new eyes; new ways to see.

A new beginning of true ways as they were always meant to be.

An opening of inner eyes that will allow you to see as true ways descend on thee.

To show you what is; what isn't; and what shall be.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Moving On From Relationships,Work And Other Unproductive Ways.

In life some individuals will have to move on, whether it's from family, relationships, a business of work employment methods, they will move on.

And when they decide to go forward with their life, it's for them to walk out with the faith of hope to know that it will be for the better and that anyone or anything that they had to let go of it was for a good reason.

There should never be the need to pick up pieces of sundry of meaningless ways or individuals that do not benefit or have a truthful meaningful and genuine heart that does not attribute to you maintaining a positive peaceful stance.

Yes! Individuals should always carry a genuine love of and in heart of soul, as to share, shower and show the manifestations of its ways, wears, and ware.

But you must also remember that you can love from afar, and you don't have to be embedded or have a repeated snare as to connect yourself to something or someone that you once let go.

Or any situation that caused you hurt and harm in your life, you should always, love them, release them and send them love, and move on to better and never a failure.

No need for a brutish envy of criticism or other just a release and a move of yourself onto a more meaningful path page of self-growth with a need to push and get to a more stable, true and conscious way of worth.

Everyone has their life to live and no one can live your life for you, you need to continue living and never stop.

Get growth and don't ever get snared and be controlled and manipulated into a false way of elemental ways, that does not intend to benefit your true standing of worth and growth.

Everyone has a will power and it's for each and every individual to have their say in any situation of elements that does not carry a positive meaningful structure for their true life of living.

Why settle for a dormant less when you can have a free will production of positive flow that will always carry you on to beneficial growth?

Never worry about who did'nt call you to ask if you are well, just move on and go forward and the new structure of pathways that you go on will be a beacon light that will show your positive movement and to others it will tell :) 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

It's About YOU!

Individuals in the world should understand that it's not always about looking for a woman or man, or give up in life because of some bad situation that you may have or had.

You see! It's about each individual's self of being and for them to find themselves as they put themselves on a worthy positive productive true stand.

Nothing comes easy not even sunlight as you have to wait long hours at night for another day to come for the sun to give off its light.

Every individual should be gaining true positive ground to get away from any struggles that they may have encountered.

And move on in life as they truly forgive a mankind of sisters and brothers.

Life is not about you frustrating yourself, about finances you don't have to do things in some ways that maybe pending.

Each and every one of you has a breath of life and with each day you are still breathing.

So just carry along and walk each day as you go on, and get to know the true you.

Life may have had some struggles but You should never give up or let them dominate or intimidate you.

You are the one that will help yourself to get up and make yourself a better you.

You are the one that can only make you move and you are the one that can push yourself to grow up, you are the one that can will yourself to get off the ground and stand up.

Yes! Everyone gets motivated but At the end of the day, it's for you the individual to will yourself and always walk in truths to what positive things you hear.

It's about yourself and you, what you want out of life and the things and people that you will not let intimidate you.

You are the one to know you, you are the one to grow, you are the one to understand you, you are the only one that can help make a better stronger you.

Yes! We do have protection with us and a Loving Creator Father that Loves us Everlastingly, and we do have our own willpower that we can use to tell him ‘‘ Oh My Creator Loving Father God Please Help Me’’

Yes! Some of us are grown men and women but deep inside we are all children in heart of being, and we can also hurt from anything that may present itself in situations that seem harsh and mean.

Some individuals think that they have been presented with too much in life and that is certainly not so because if you really look at the true ending products you will see how conscious and strong some individuals have truly grown.

It's a way of life that individuals will fight but it's never with weaponry, it's all about each individual gaining a true path or worth of themselves as each one gets to know and understand themselves spiritually.

As to understand each way, and to grow stronger and conscious as each one helps themselves to achieve what they have to do each and every passing day.

It is about every individual, their walk, their talk, their emotions that they show their being of life.

The productive things and ways that each individual helps themselves with to be strong and truly grow.

By using the good out of and bad situation and making it work the best way for you, to help you carry on and do the true things that you know you should truly do.

Sometimes It may seem tiring but believe me when I say that each and every one of you is stronger than you know, Yes!You are strong enough.

You see! Deep within your being there is so much energy that each and every one of you truly has.

And as each day come your way you will see a new way, as each true passage open up for you to input and truly grow.

And with strong determine ways, each and every one of you should be able to go on in life to live better days.

Better days are coming it's just for each and every individual to have the Faith of Hope and patiently wait on them, Yes! Better days with great positive meaningful passages of ways that are Lovingly and truly Fatherly God sent.