Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Living Life.

Don't ever let a bad past control your future,always let your breath of life Creator be your tutor.

Never let bad situations or other stand in the way of you moving on and enjoying yourself in a true productive way.

Don't ever put yourself down even if you have been trying to get through for so long.

And never look at life in a bad way,good things will happen and they will brighten up your day.

Always know that you will get through and never listen to the negative voices of individual's that say what you can and can not do,always know that you have the will power to push yourself Yes! You!

Don't ever let anyone negatively direct your life,as you must always be aware and conscious with knowledge wisdom and understanding,Yes! The bottom line is that you must be always wise.

There is someone out there for somebody and when the time comes you will find,a genuine loving person who will cherish you and to you will never lie.

Things do happen for a reason and it's never to make anyone angry or sad,it's just for you to keep growing in all that you must do,to achieve the good things in life,all good aspects of ways that is meant for you only the best.

Good will come and you will have some and all your heart's desire,the things that you hold deep in heart.

And with time there will also be good memories as your life continues in a good way for you to enjoy each and everyday.


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    1. I Thnk You for the appreciation that you showed in my works of empowerment, it's adds more joy to me to know that the works that i'm doing is appreciated, i will continue sharing more empowering works :)

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    1. I Thank You, and i'm happy that My work is appreciated by you,i do enjoy the time and effort that i put in my work as i know that it will flow throw the passages and channels of the world wide web to empower someone in great need of employment, that is what my work is about :) again I Thank You and i will continue the works at hand :)